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In this industry time is always “of the essence”. Each second that ticks away you risk losing your deal; therefore each transaction is treated with urgency. Attention to detail and quick turnaround time with all phases of the transaction occur with every contract. Our clients can be assured that their problems are our problems and will be resolved in a professional, fast, thorough and efficient manner.

Once you are registered with our patented “Access My Closing”system, you will be able to review the up-to-the-minute status for all of your transactions online instantly, 24 hours a day. As you can appreciate, when everyone is well informed, it alleviates unnecessary stress and anxiety. This convenience will also allow you to spend more time acquiring clients and less time attempting to get updates from numerous attorneys who, unlike ourselves, may be detained in court.

Additionally, you will receive automatic file updates via e-mail as soon as a particular task has been accomplished. The days of wondering if the drafted contract has been sent to the purchaser’s attorney or whether the purchaser has received a mortgage commitment have come to an end!

Furthermore, should you so desire, you have the ability to examine and print all documents for your file at your leisure.

It should be noted that our online transaction system is meant to be a supplement to our excellent pre-existing customer service, and not a substitute for human interaction.

Finally, we would be delighted to work with any title company or mortgage broker affiliated with your brokerage firm.

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